Monday, August 3, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Kore are at it again!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Reddy are watching tv along with their 8 year old son Raji. Mrs. Reddy looks at m.r Reddy with a coy smile and winks. The husband gets the message but how to get rid of his son. He comes up with an idea:

Mr. Reddy: Tell you what Raji, lets play a game. If you can describe what is exactly happening on the street below from our balcony non-stop for the next 30 minutes then you get bicycle you wanted.

Raji thinking it a real easy task grabs the opportunity leaving his parents alone in the room.

Mr. Reddy: What do you see??

Raji: The dog is chasing the milkman, then Pramila aunty is bargaining with the fruit vendor. Shilpa, the colony babe has just returned with her boyfriend. And Mr. & Mrs. Kore are having sex.

Mr. Reddy: Bewildered, how can you see that from the balcony??

Raji: No I cannot see them, but even their son is standing in their balcony :D

What an idea sirji

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