Saturday, February 28, 2009


After having failed his exam in “Logistics and Organization”, a student goes and confronts his lecturer about it.

Student, “Sir, do you really understand anything about the subject?”

Professor, “Surely I must. Otherwise I would not be a professor!”

Student, “Great, well then I would like to ask you a question. If you can give me the correct answer, I will accept my mark as is and go. If you however do not know the answer, I want you give me an 'A' for the exam.”

Professor, “Okay, it's a deal. So what is the question?”

Student: “What is legal, but not logical, logical, but not legal, and neither logical, nor legal?”

Even after some long and hard consideration, the professor cannot give the student an answer, and therefore changes his exam mark into an 'A', as agreed.

Afterwards, the professor calls on his best student and asks him the same question.

He immediately answers, “Sir, you are 63 years old and married to a 35 year old woman, which is legal, but not logical. Your wife has a 25 year old lover, which is logical, but not legal. The fact that you have given your wife's lover an 'A', although he really should have failed, is neither legal, nor logical.”

Chocolate Street

For those of you who don't know this place: This is the choco lover's paradise in Mumbai. They call it Manish Market though some people use a different name. But its right beside Manish Market if you are travelling on Mohammed Ali Road. If you are a diabetic like me then stay away if you don't have a strong will (seriously) This place is crammed with chocolates and just looking at it can give the faint of the heart a sugar induced coma. Four lanes of shops each almost 100 meters long and all of them selling different varieties chocolates, candies, mints, jellies, marzipans, liquid chocolate fountains, marshmallows, mawa sweets, dry fruits and everything that can satisfy a sweet tooth at the lowest prices in Mumbai. One 350ml of Thousand Island Sauce that will cost Rs. 220 in Hypercity will cost you only Rs. 140-150 over here. This is where all the wholesalers buy their goods. And you don't need to buy enough to open a shop every time you come here. I always fetch Dark Chocolates, Mints and also a combination of the two. One such popular example is After Eight from Nestle, the Exotica brand available in Haiko's Powai, I dont know if they still stock it though. Or the ultimate Dark Chocolate + Mint chocs Whitaker's Dark Gold. However Exotica and Whitakers are specially imported by Haiko and Hypercity. You'll find many more varieties like a whole new range of Lindt which includes the plain classic Lindor, the mix flavoured Lindts or the premium dark chocolate Ghana range. Then there is Cote D' ur or something spelled like that etc.....

If you are a guy and your girlfriend loves chocolates then this place will earn you a million brownie points and you'll be able to save money too. I don't advise bringing your lady love along with you though. She might have you filing for bankruptcy before the day ends. This place is right after the Dava Bazaar gully when coming from Marine Lines station, try walking cause the traffic in this area is terrible and you'll waste a lot of time and money in a cab. Apart from just chocolates which are only a small part of this market You can also find travel bags, clothes, electronic and loads of other things over here. For sports goods you'll have to head to the Metro cinema lane. I usually come for chocolates here more than anything else. Don't worry I dont eat them, my girlfriend does.

Here's the latest purchase I made, contains mostly mints as she has already got many chocolates and as summer is approaching mints will become an endangered species.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A new weapon of choice

Just got a new table-tennis bat for myself!
I have been playing with my almost ancient GKI-5star which I had bought 6 years back. I still like that bat cause the rubber sheets are still spinny after so much use but now I feel it is the time for more speed rather than spin. And I really like the feel of the Jonyer-H-AN, it has a Red Sriver-FX for the backhand and Black Sriver for the Forehand. Prefer a bit more looping power on my forehand rather than the all out speed of the Sriver-FX. Took a couple of days to get used to the speed. The best thing I love when facing a player for the first time is when they place a shot long on my backhand and the ball blurs past leaving them lunging in futile.
I will buy the Boll TriCarbon with Bryce Speed rubbers as soon as I outgrow this bat (I have seen a player using this combination to lethal effect, I know I know every player is different BLAH BLAH. Thats the reason I am waiting for sometime to buy this bat. And this blade is like a nuclear bomb among other blades.) Till then planning to practise against better players to improve my game. Here's a video of my favourite player Timo Boll for you to see. Have a look and enjoy.