Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paranormal (In)Activity

Whats the first sign that a horror movie is total bull****?
Ans. You have extremely heavy eye lids right through till the interval!! And the last 10 minutes that do have some conventional horror compared to which even a B-Grade movie could do better do not actually scare, it surprises you. The Poltergeist was almost non-existent. The old lady in my building could scare you worse in dim light. They said that this movie will make you think twice before closing your eyes to go to sleep. I think they can put an insomniac to the deepest blissful slumber.


I have seen my share of super flops from both hollywood and bollywood. But this SUCKS BIG TIME!! All in all spare yourself the torture and don't watch this. Instead buy the orignal DVD for The Exorcist series. This movie is only to be recommended to your enemies if you have any and all your exes.