Monday, April 27, 2009

One more journey

Only a few posts have caused this much excitement to me while writing them. But this post is special in a different way of its own. It's about today's course by Virat bhaiya and Vasudha di that starts at 6 PM in Kandivali (East). One more journey of fun, knowledge and sharing with a totally new lot. The first day is usually the most chaotic one and the most fun as well. For new volunteers who are doing this for the first time its a totally new experience as they get to know what goes on behind the scenes of the course and the bliss they felt. And for us who have volunteered in the past too its worth watching their enthusiasm and watch them come ahead on the same path Guruji leads us on. And when you are lead by Guruji and are an instrument for his will then you are a force who gets the chance to bring change to the life several other individuals. And the change is visible instantenously. Right after their first course participants like Dharmesh & Riddhi have now become volunteers. And I can actually see the blossoming these guys are going through. And their time as leaders has already begun.

The same exercises shall be now done with renewed enthusiasm. Setting up the hall, welcome calls that usually end up as navigation calls for directions to the venue. Preparation of all the processes so they go smooth for the participants are all bits and pieces we volunteers get to do for the course. And in return we get to watch another batch of youth go through the same journey that we had started ourselves for the first time someday. After meeting the master our lives were never the same again. The joy that we now feel in sharing the knowledge with youth like us is beyond comparison. I could tell you about it here because it is an experience you must feel for yourself. And I promise that these seven days of your life will be unforgettable, no matter wherever you are or whatever you do. This experience will be that glowing joy that will never fade.

This journey is wonderful with new experiences waiting at every step of the way. One only has to take that first initiative and the rest shall magically fall in place.

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