Saturday, November 29, 2008

A mother needs to be protected.

I first offer my prayers to those innocents who were slain and to those braves who were martyred in the line of duty.

Mine is of the many voices that is being raised against this blatant form of brutality. From what I have seen happening from the 26th November, 2008 to the last of the attackers being dropped dead on national television has definitely shaken me. I was at Crawford Market that day and was supposed to go to Dockyard for work. Now sitting at home I wonder how closely I have managed to escape death without knowing it. Both of these locations were hit by the attackers and they surely could have spared a bullet for me if I had crossed them. That night I was frantically calling my friends, family and employees for their safety. Over a hundred people dead and lots more injured. Businessmen, families, train commuters, CEOs, foreigners and maybe some of the hotel too. All of them who have been killed have not yet been recognized by the authorities. We Indians and especially Mumbaites been living under the so called Unshakeable tag for too long now. And its time that others realize that we are resilient by force and not by choice.

Then who is to blame, The Government? But infiltraring the attackers network and preventing these attacks is also no mean feat. And the group that claims responsibility for this is supposedly a new group. Then who do WE, people like YOU & ME that get killed the most can do. Whom do we turn to? Do we keep faith in the system or do we take it to the streets and ask the government to defend us. The first thing that comes to my mind is that I will make sure that I vote for the most elidgible candidate this year in the elections. Because once in five years we get the power to shape our nation and henceforth I'll make sure that I give my stamp of approval after some thought. And we Mumbaites now realize that we are not the invincible breed some of us think we are. I am specially referring to those who are throwing people out of Maharashtra calling them OUTSIDERS. In these dire consequences we can reflect on some topics that wouldn't have come to light.

Firstly did the Thackerays realize that the 200 plus NSG commandos that flew in from New-Delhi to save our lives while they went without a thought to face death were OUTSIDERS too?? Why didn't they bring forward the Marathi Manoos or face the flak themselves as they call themselves soldiers of the soil. DUH? And where are Mr. Balasaheb, Uddhav and Raj Thackeray right now? Are the helping the centre in formulating new security policies? If they have a conscience they wouldn't utter another word regarding this territory rubbish again. And anyone who creates seperatist theories and conflicts within different groups of the nation is a TERRORIST, yes I said TERRORIST himelf. This is not the time to play politics for our national leaders and try and topple this government using these attacks as a spearhead. And neither am I being soft on the ruling side. If they cannot run this country then we will find someone better to do the job. And if you wish to stay in power then we the people of this country want to see some results. We do not wish to step out of our houses not knowing that we will return or not. WHO AM I KIDDING!?!? We are not safe inside our houses too if things keep going this way!!!

And if any one of our leaders are reading this then consider this as a wake-up call (read: wakeup kick in the @**.) And be kind to pass it on to your brethren :)

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