Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fast Food Ganesha

Yesterday was tuesday and the Parsi New Year so a half day at office, so I returned home early and on my way I found this elephant strolling on the lane in front of my house. I thought of giving him something to eat, so I got some bananas from the fruit vendor. Now this big guy had some other ideas. He hardly ate a couple out of the dozen bananas. They had not at all gone bad and when I asked the mahaut whether Ganesha (Name of the elephant) was ill. He surprisingly said that he simply likes bread & sugar cane better than bananas. So I got 2 packs of whole wheat bread and amazingly finished them up and was hungry for more. When he ate the small chocolate fudge brownie kept in my bag. He gave out a loud trumpet in return as thanks. I headed back home turning back for a look at him only to find him facing our area sandwich wala.....

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