Monday, August 11, 2008

Bachelor Party

Yesterday after having a good round of fast table tennis I returned home to find that the house was devoid of any freshly made food. And my family was out to see a movie. Though my parents had asked me to come for the movie (Jaane Tu...) I refused as I had already seen it.
Now was the chance to see if I can cook a meal rather than just the single odd dish. I got the ingredients from the vegetable vendor who was selling fresh vegetables thankfully on a late sunday evening. The two dishes I had set out to make were Roasted Tomato Soup and Paneer Bhurji (Fresh Cottage Cheese cooked in vegetables and Indian spices.) Amazingly while I was cooking these mouth watering treats I was called up by two people, both of whom were on a onion less, oil free, spice free in short a satvik diet for the Shravan month. Now I can never really figure out why where they grumbling that I told them what I was cooking :D......

All in all it was really fun cooking on my own. It also helped that now I can cook well. Here are the images, I'll post the recipes later.

This is the entire spread consisting of Roasted tomatoes soup, paneer bhurji, brown bread toast and lemonade with honey.....mouth watering isn't it??

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