Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thats Eighty Seven Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Three Crores and Twelve Lac. (Only!?)

This is the amount that has gone for a walk in the accounts of certain unscrupulous characters running our nation. This money comes from our taxes paid and was meant for the purposes like rural development, upgradation of rural training institutes, training of farmers etc. So much could have been achieved if this money was put for its intended use.

One example of how our money is being misused is understatement of the balances of the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USO). USO came into effect on he 1st of April 2002, its purpose is to introduce access to basic telegraph facilities in rural and remote areas. I don't know how is basic defined in their dictionary. Cause they have marked 'basic' under quotes and bold text on their site. ( I'll give you statutory warning, this site is infected and has 5 instances of trojan infections. Please use a firewall and basic discretion.
The way these guys work is by collecting resources under the Universal Access Levy which is payable by all telecom service providers under various licenses. During the period of 2002-2003 to 2007-2008 the USO collected a total amount of Rs. 20404.44 crore and a total disbursement of Rs. 6371.44 crore. So the balance must naturally be 14033 crores. How about ZERO!?!? An amount as huge as Rs. 14033 crores cant just fallout of your wallet!! And it must be one heck of a feast for the ones (in DoT?) who gobbled it all up. Shocked!?! Read this report provided on the link below:

It talks about how the entire sum of Rs. 871531200000.00 went missing. This issue was brought up in the parliament and nothing was done about it.

First thing that comes to my mind is to vote the current jokers out of the government. So go ahead and vote!! Vote responsibly after doing some research. Curb corruption going on around you. Dont take and offer bribes. If you are caught at a traffic light refrain from using the customary move 'kya saab mamla khatam karo na' (sir please finish this matter). A sizeable dent in your wallet will stop you making the mistake in the future. You can also do some good to your community by doing some voluntary service. Take the Art of Living course and then help organize more in your area.

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