Friday, July 11, 2008

Two Devils & a fresh Ramolo Mousse

(Ramolo Mousse is a chocolate cup filled with rich chocolate mousse with a wafer spoon which is also coated with chocolate.)
The twin devils

What happens when you unleash two little tyrants over a cup of freshly made Ramolo Chocolate Mousse (Chocolate Overdose)??

Ans. They become all the more tyrannizing and hard to control. Hardik & Hitarth (L to R in pic) are both twins and both equally chaotic once they are well fed and rested. Note: The term Well Fed does not apply if they are presented with chocolate. So after I brought a fresh piece of the mousse for them it was more than the regular masti and dhamaal. Was unable to take any pictures of them relishing the mousse though am posting a picture of the cake and the twins for you to see.

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