Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fighting Diabetes

 Juvenile Diabetes or medically known as Type I IDDM has being a part of my life since school days. It came as a shock to discover that my blood glucose levels had gone up to 1050 md/dl. Overnight my life had completely changed. I had to quit sports as my endurance and stamina was affected. And I was told steer clear of several foods. Even fruit juices were not allowed as they have a concentrated level of sugar. Quite frankly I was devastated. It took a lot to maintain minimal control over my blood sugar, as they kept fluctuating both ways. My blood glucose would be anything between 350 to 20mg/dl. High levels of sugar would cause a myriad of effects from blurry vision to muscular cramps apart from the several trips to the restroom. I used to be extremely hungry but lost weight at an alarming rate. I was more prone to sudden and uncalled for anger over my peers. The worst came when my doc clearly said that if I live beyond the age of 45 with the current lifestyle then he'd consider it a miracle. Boy I was SCREWED!!!

 Enter, The Man himself, H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. At this time of great need I took the initial YES!+ course. And I knew I should have kicked myself for not doing this before. Right after completing the basic workshop (I call it basic for the lack of a word, else there is nothing basic about it.) for youths, I went off to the Bangalore Ashram for the Advanced Course. Just the way my health and stamina had diminished after being diabetic, just being on the course helped me overcome that barrier. And thats by doing Sudarshan Kriya and Suryanamaskars for not more than 12 days!! I felt lighter as I had lost 5 kilos in less than two weeks and I felt healthier and fresher THAN EVER BEFORE!! If you dont believe me no problem. Imagine my experience, I was actually going through that change. I was in total amazement, joy and gratitude. It was then that I realised that being a bundle of joy is not all that difficult in life and if there are some circumstances or people who are making it tough for you, then the result is definately worth the effort you have to put in.

 I am back to playing table tennis, my favourite sport. And am outlasting the non diabetics I play against. :)

PS: I am 20 Kilos lighter in one year. And my glucose levels are consistently between 110-130 mg/dl. Po is happy now.

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